Biography in Decades: 1990s

Malcolm Boyd with noted performance artist  Tim Miller during their “Sermon as Performance Art” at St. Augustine by-the-Sea Episcopal Church  in Santa Monica, Calif.  They also presented this at Highways performance center in Santa Monica.

Malcolm became writer-in-residence of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. He moved into his quiet study in the Cathedral Center. Here he engages in his work as spiritual director for clergy and laity. The Church Divinity School of the Pacific awarded him an honorary doctorate.
      Beatrice, Malcolm’s mother, died just ten days before her 99th birthday. Shortly after her death Malcolm would write about her long illness and death in a short piece entitled “Mother Broke Her Hip” in a book “In Times Like These…How We Pray” that he edited with Bishop J. Jon Bruno.
      Malcolm’s book “Rich with Years: Daily Meditations on Growing Older” was published in 1994.