twenties photos
Malcolm as a baby with his parents and a nursemaid in the family car on Riverside Drive, New York City, 1923 Malcolm as a young boy outside the family apartment in Manhattan

Born June 8 l923 in Buffalo New York. His family resided in Manhattan but his mother accompanied his father to Buffalo on a short business trip when Malcolm —unexpectedly—appeared in real life. The Boyds lived in a luxury apartment on Riverside Drive. Melville Boyd (Malcolm’s father) was a partner with his brother in Boyd & Boyd, Inc., an investment banking firm. Malcolm’s mother, Beatrice, was a top fashion model in New York City when she met Melville. While in her teens Beatrice heroically volunteered as a nurse on a Native American reservation in Arizona during the l9l8 Influenza Epidemic which became one of the nation’s tragedies. In the economic crash of 1929, which led to the Great Depression, the Boyd family fortune perished. Malcolm’s childhood was a privileged one. He had a British governess and remembers that she accompanied him on his daily tricycle ride around the reservoir in Central Park.